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Getting Started

How will I get there? 

Currently, travelling to Chester House by car is the only option as public transport is currently unavailable. 

Many of our students are able to access SEN Transport. Parents can organise this direct with the SEN Transport team.

Will I be able to find my way around? 

Yes, the staff will make sure you know the way around when you start.

What will I need to bring with me? 

You will need basic stationary such as paper, pens and pencils. You will also need a lunch and a willingness to learn!

Where will I have my meals? Can I choose? What if I don’t like something? 

You can bring you own lunch, but on site there will be a Coffee Shop, Farm Shop, restaurant and other food outlets. You can eat your lunch at the picnic tables in the courtyard, the common room or other allocated areas of the estate.

Will I need to bring money, and who will help me look after it? 

You will only need to bring money in if you are purchasing something such as, food, drink or lunch. Staff will help look after money if needed.

Is there Internet access? 

Yes, there is. 

What will happen when I arrive, on my first day? 

You will meet the staff and your fellow learners.

You will have a tour of the grounds, see the places of interest and have a lot of fun.

Are there rules at college? 

Yes, at college we expect you to act professionally at all times and follow the code of conduct.