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Post 16 - Foundations for The Future

Please note this pathway is not available for the 2024/25 academic year.

The college is currently exploring the possibility of providing this study programme in selected areas for 2025/26.

To meet my realistic, aspirational outcomes for adulthood.

Foundations for the Future - Realistic, Aspirational Outcomes for Adulthood.

Our nationally recognised curriculum and delivery model aims to prepare students for either further education at college, successful, meaningful adulthood and employment.

Foundations for the Future is a curriculum and delivery approach that has been developed over several years by experienced SEND professionals and has proven to provide outstanding outcomes that support next steps for students.

Our Intent 
  • To build, embed, and expand skills and opportunities to stretch, and broaden attainment for readiness for life beyond school.
  • To identify aspirational outcomes for the next steps in education, employment, training, and adult life, and ensure that they are ready for these when they leave.
  • To establish a meaningful and relevant understanding of the world of work and the wider community
  • To provide a personalised education based around the four key strands of Preparing for Adulthood.

"Preparing for Adulthood" illustration showing the four strands of Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion, and health

Our Implementation 

Person Centred Planning identifies the aspirational outcomes for adulthood. This includes the student’s outcomes for employment, future living arrangements, relationships, needs from the local community including the use of free time to support general wellbeing.

From this information, a personalised learning journey is designed to ensure that the curriculum provided meets the student's individual needs and prepares them for the next steps of education, employment, or training.

Students are assigned to pathways based on identified outcomes and therefore access a meaningful education with peers on a similar journey.

Functional Maths, English, and ICT are embedded throughout the entire curriculum offer and students have the opportunity to collect additional awards that have been identified as having employer currency.

Awards and Accreditation are offered to meet the identified outcomes for adulthood; therefore, our curriculum is not accreditation driven.

The Impact 
  • All students are better prepared to take the next steps into education, employment, training and adult life.
  • Students are confident individuals and understand how to manage their future wellbeing.

In addition, we intend that students will have the knowledge and skills to begin their journey of living independently, or semi-independently, being part of and contributing to society, and going out and socialising with confidence.