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The main aims of our tutorial curriculum are to enable the students:  
  • To stay as healthy as possible 
  • To learn to keep themselves and others safe, including recognising the signs of bullying (including peer on peer) and knowing where to get help 
  • To understand PREVENT and how to stay safe
  • To learn how to use the Internet, including social media, safely and responsibly 
  • To develop effective, satisfying and safe relationships 
  • To learn to recognise similarities, and differences, between themselves and others, and to respect these differences, to be independent and responsible members of the local community 
  • To be positive and active members of a democratic society 
  • To develop self-confidence and self-esteem, and to make informed choices regarding personal and social issues 
  • To develop good relationships with other members of the college and the wider community   

Tutors and Job Coaches endeavour to provide a safe learning environment through the establishment of clear ground rules, which are made explicit to the learners, and reinforced consistently, and this is reflected in our Conduct Policy. This allows students to discuss feelings, and sensitive issues, within a non-threatening and supportive environment. Visiting speakers such as the police and health workers also contribute to the taught curriculum. We adopt a Restorative Practice approach following an incident, to enable the students to think about the impact on themselves, and others, and how to be a responsible member of the community.  

A photo of a focused student, concentrating.

As well as group tutorials, students have the opportunity for 1:1 tutorials with staff to discuss any concerns, reflect on progress made, and set targets for personal and academic achievement.